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Villa Popovic is located in the center of beautiful fisherman’s village by the name of Orahovac known for the most stunning beaches in Boka bay. Our villa in Orahovac is located few kilometers away from the old town of Kotor. Beaches, beach bars, restaurants and shops are only two minutes of walk from our villa.

Villa complex has apartments with balconies on which you can enjoy in the view at the Boka bay as well as in view on the peaceful and relaxing forest. Our villa also has a large garden looking at the Bay decorated with various flowers and beautiful greenery, which all our guests can use at their convenience. Within the villa there is a parking lot which fits the capacities of the place.

Experience the unique connection of Boka Bay, beautiful nature and the sea.



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Orahovac is very well known for the most stunning beaches in the whole Boka Bay which are located only two minutes of walk from our villa! To make your comfort even better, we take good care and participate in regular preservation of the biggest and the most beautiful beach in Orahovac which is located only 50 meters from our villa and is free to use.


You can enjoy in the seafood specialties and various different meals that you can find on the menu every day in beach bars and restaurants close to our villa. Or if you don’t feel like eating, just relax, have a drink and enjoy the view.


Taxis and Buses

Bus station is located very close to our villa, only 50 meters away. Public transportation is very frequent and buses regularly pass every 30 minutes towards Kotor and in the same time in other direction, towards Perast. Local taxis are located next to bus station and in case they are not available you can easily call the taxi service from Kotor.

Distance from Tivat Airport

Closest airport is the airport in Tivat which is 20 kilometers away from our villa.


Stores that are located in Orahovac are supplied with groceries which satisfy basic needs, if you need a bigger place to shop, 2 kilometers away there is a supermarket in a place called St. Eustahije, and to our warm recommendation only couple of minutes by car there is a big fish market which is definitely worth the visit.

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Orahovac is situated in the northern part of the Kotor Municipality, separated from Dobrota by the river Ljuta. Traditionally, this is a maritime and fishing village. In the past, this village was the birth place of many famous captains and it had a fleet of 28 ships.

No matter whether you enter Boka by land or by sea – your experience will the same – Boka will fascinate you! It looks as if the mountains have cracked and let the sea in. This is the southernmost fjord in Europe. The high mountains bend over the thin coastline thus protecting it from the severe climate from the north.

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